Key Insights from Job Seekers.

No matter the market attracting and retaining good employees can be a challenge. Developing appealing, robust job descriptions, alongside a compelling overall package with relevant benefits and growth will influence your ability to attract and retain good people.

During our interview process, we get a good idea of expectations of potential employees. We thought we’d delve a little deeper to give our clients food for thought when it comes to putting together job offers and considering what’s important.

We recently surveyed a selection of 70 Gather candidates. Respondents include Art Directors, Producers, Account Managers, Writers, Designers and Strategists at varying levels. Below are the questions we posed and a summary of the results of the survey.

· How crucial is a hybrid work option in your job search?

Interestingly only 5.7% said it was critical.
47.1% of respondents agreed it was preferable.
We find this is generally the case during interviews. When prompted most people would ideally like to work even one day from home/remotely but most often, itis not a deal breaker. However, if they were torn between two roles…clearly if one offered some flexibility around WFH option and hours, this would be the preferred offer.

· How crucial is it that the clients or business you work with aligns with your personal values and ethics?

For the majority of respondents (67.1%), the dream job involves working with clients or businesses that share their values and ethics. People are more often seeking workplaces where they feel their work aligns with personal values to some degree.

We are seeing a positive trend towards businesses fostering diverse, eco conscious and ethical workplaces. B-Corp certifications are more commonplace.

· Is performance recognition important to your motivation in the workplace?

Recognition at work is a big deal. 84.1% of those surveyed said that being recognised for their efforts is essential to keeping them motivated. This data highlights the need for workplaces to consider how they reward and recognise hard work, beyond salary.

· How much value do you put on progression and growth within your role?

By and large, employees value growth. 67.1% of respondents said that progressing in their role is important to them. This desire for growth not only benefits individuals but also contributes to the success of the organisation.

At all levels, candidates are often focused on how they can ‘step up the ladder.’ From junior, or from a mid-level role into more a of leadership position, for example, most people are keen to move within a business into that next stage of their career. How does your business foster this sort of growth?

· How important to you is it that your employer invests in training and upskilling?

Building on the previous question…employees value employers who invest in their development. 50%of respondents emphasised the importance of training and upskilling on the job. Consider the training you can offer, both for the role and for personal development and growth.  

· Would you prefer working four longer days or five normal days each week?

An interesting question to pose!
70% of respondents would prefer four longer days over the traditional five-day work week, given the option. While this option doesn’t work for some (e.g. those with young families), it can result in a hugely productive work week and a significant and compelling benefit to your team.

While this survey data is from a relatively small number of respondents, it holds true to conversations we have with candidates in interviews when discussing potential roles. Salary is still important, but so too are additional benefits and genuine work / life balance.

Most are happy with returning to 5 days a week bums on seats however we do see that if businesses want to lure in the right people some flex around that is a big driver for many.

The data from this survey is good food for thought and offers genuine insight into expectations of employees. It also offers opportunity to consider how your business may evolve o support staff and retain good people long term.

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