Advice for Junior Job Seekers

So you’re looking to break into a role in the creative industry? We've put together some tips to help you navigate the process.

Consider the following:

· Spend time preparing and updating your CV. This is your chance to make an impact, and clean and creative is best! Try to get everything on two pages (or close) and remember this is your chance to make an impact. Search online for CV design inspiration, and Canva is a great place to go for a simple, smart layout.  ‍

· Consider creating different versions of your CV tailored to roles you are applying for. ‍

· Take the time to proofread your CV and ask for input from someone you trust to ensure the flow is right, and there are no errors. ‍

· Always save the final version in PDF format.  ‍

· If you don’t already have one, create a LinkedIn profile. Add a professional (yet friendly) photo, and ideally obtain some recommendations to include in your profile. ‍

· Have referee details ready so that when you’re asked this doesn’t slow the process. ‍

· Be open-minded about roles and be prepared to start with a true entry level role where you can take the opportunity to prove yourself and really shine. Employers will generally be able to spot a junior with great potential, and if you’re patient and put the hard work in, there will be opportunities to grow. ‍

· Flexibility with starting salary will always work in your favour. ‍

Interview tips:

· Research the company, the people you’re meeting, and any news/content online so you are well informed about the business (for industry news take a look at Stoppress, MAD Daily and NZ Marketing for example). If you are across relevant current industry news, there may be an opportunity drop something topical into conversation to demonstrate your genuine interest in the industry. ‍

· Allow plenty of time for traffic, parking problems, or getting lost. Getting there on time is important. Avoid showing up too early as well. Arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before your interview time.‍

· Dress professionally, don’t chew gum and don’t overdo the fragrance. If you smoke/vape avoid having one before an interview. ‍

· If you’re interviewing online, set yourself up within a quiet and professional environment. If your background is not immaculate, blur it out or add a background filter. Ensure your tech is good to go well before the interview!‍· Prepare by thinking through your strengths and weaknesses, and ideally having a couple of questions ready in case you’re asked. And ideally don’t ask about lunch breaks and parking in the first interview!‍

· Smile, remember to listen and try to put your most relaxed yet confident self forward! ‍

· You may not have experience, but you can make an impact with a positive outlook, some well thought through answers, a strong work ethic, and a genuine willingness to learn. ‍From the team at Gather Creative Recruitment we wish you every success in kick-starting your career.

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